Global Military Free Fall Operations (GMFFO) is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned, global corporation, headquartered in the United States. Founded in 2021, GMFFO grew from a successful 14-year career of providing Military Free Fall solutions to clients from around the world.

GMFFO serves both national and international clients and delivers the finest military free fall and static line sustainment training in support of any given unit from anywhere around the globe. Our services and products enable our clients to initialize and sustain their individual requirements based on organic Mission Essential Task Lists and Tactics, Techniques and procedures which include:

  • Static Line and Military Free Fall Sustainment Skills
  • Advanced Canopy Control
  • Advanced HAHO/HALO Training
  • Water Jump Capabilities
  • Accelerated Free Fall Courses
  • JPADS Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System
  • Night Trainings
  • And other scalable Tactical Training Courses

GMFFO is the preferred choice in providing all levels of skydive training for military and government groups of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

As a pioneer and industry leader in both US and overseas contracts we excel in providing real world training.

GMFFO employs a cadre of highly trained and experienced instructors who mostly have prior U.S. and foreign military experience. Our instructors are exceptionally adept in military free fall parachuting, instructions, and coaching. Additionally, they maintain all required credentials with the United States Parachuting Association, US Federal Aviation Administration, and more.

For complete information on training and many other services, contact us: